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The Ultimate Sweat Bundle


This product is on backorder as of 1/18/2018! It will ship out in 3 weeks.

Make the best of your workout with our Ultimate Sweat bundle package! Get The Perfect Sculpt™ Waist Trimming Sweat Belt and our Sweat Cream at a discounted price!

The Thermo-Genic Sweat Cream is the first natural oil based sweat enhancer of its kind. The Waist Trimming Sweat Belt is a Waistband combined with neoprene technology for double compression around the waist area. This sweat belt has transformed the lives of THOUSANDS of people already! Get yours today and get your body right. The Ultimate Sweat Bundle is designed to:

  • Reshape your body through the neoprene technology combined with the compression of the sweat belt
  • Encourages double the heat production around the stomach area to create an active core even when you're not working out.
  • Create curves giving you an hourglass figure
  • Put your core body temperature into fat burning levels similar to as if you were in a sauna
  • Helps you sweat twice as normal so you cleanse your body of harmful toxins
  • Complement each other in order to increase more fatty tissues

Sizing Chart (US)

 Size  Waist (Inches)
S/M 34.5"
L/XL 42"
1XL/2XL 49.5"
3XL/4XL 57.2"
Sizing Chart (UK)
 Size  Waist (CM)
S/M 88
L/XL 107
1XL/2XL 126
3XL/4XL 146