Sauna Set + Anti Cellulite Sweat Gel

Sweat Cami Size
Sweat Leggings Size

The Sauna Set includes both our Cami Top and Sweat Leggings.
The Sauna Set produces a thermal-like effect for the upper and lower body that stimulates and enhances sweat during exercise to support weight loss. The Neoprene technology results in more perspiration and provides instant abdominal compression with lower back & lumbar support.
This Sauna Set has transformed the lives of THOUSANDS of people already! Get yours today and get your body right.


Our thermogenic Sweat Cream has been scientifically formulated to maximize your workouts, and help get your body to the next level!

Key benefits include:

  • Enhancing circulation and sweating
  • Targeting fat loss and undesirable water weight removal
  • Combats muscle fatigue while enhancing muscle activity
  • Delivers therapeutic effect to ailing muscles
  • Increase motivation and energy during physical activity
  • Stimulated swat glands, thus releasing build up toxins from your body.


It is recommended to use with our Sauna Set to give BOOSTED results.